Welcome to Eastminster Presbytery

Welcome to Eastminster Presbytery

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Rings on a Bible

Commissioners of the 220th General Assembly (2012) voted against changing the PC(USA)’s definition of marriage--“a civil contract between a woman and a man.” Instead, they called for two years of “serious study and discernment” regarding Christian marriage.

You now have the opportunity to study the issues and make your voice heard. Click here for more details.

Click here for the six-week study on Christian marriage.

Click here for the 2-hour study on Christian marriage.

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$4.39 PER DAY
Congress has effectively reduced food stamp benefits to $4.39 per person per day by failing to renew a boost to assistance enacted in 2009. 300 Presbyterians across the country along with members of the national church staff agreed to limit expenses for food for a week to $4.39 per day--to take the PCUSA Food Stamp Challenge. Can you do it? Would you willingly limit food expenses in that way? Most of us would not-- and yet millions of Americans are forced to do so everyday.

PC(USA) leaders have written a letter to Congress urging them to increase food stamp benefits (known as SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). To read the letter, CLICK HERE.

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GA 221

To see the Schedule of Events at te 221st General Assembly in Detroit, Michigan, please click here.

To register for the 221st General Assembly in Detroit, Michigan, please click here.

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Want to know where your
per capita goes?
Watch this informative, yet entertaining video brought to you by the Eastminster Presbytery Trustees (with a little help from their friends.)

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For Eastminster Presbytery's most recent audited financial statement, click here.

For a general letter of report from Eastminster Presbytery's most recent audit, click here.



A Summary of the November 12, 2013 meeting of Eastminster Presbytery at the New Lisbon Presbyterian Church in Lisbon, OH.

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Download the monthly packet for:

MAY 2014

Information for 1st Time Commissioners

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Upcoming events


  • May 13, 2014
    Presbytery Meeting
    Canfield Presbyterian Church
    6:00 PM

  • May 29, 2014
    Presbytery Council Meeting
    Kent Presbyterian Church
    6:30 PM.

Self Development of People is a Program of the PC(USA) and is targeted toward economically, poor, oppressed and disadvantaged people. Rather than being a hand out, this program allows them to own, control and directly benefit from their business endeavors. In this way they are able to achieve long term change in their lives and in their communities. For more information, go to: www.pcusa.org/sdop



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